Power therm PP-R

Polypropylene Random (PP-R) Offers basic properties which suit its use in many application. The main advantage of this is we can avoid copper, galvanized and the other metallic pipe for hot water. This can use for both hot water & cold water. So it is easy for plumbing work and getting multiple advantages. Power therm pipes & fittings are suitable for portable water distribution systems in additions of a wide range of hydro-sanitary applications. It can be use for oil, gas and most of the chemicals. PP-R 80 pipes and fittings are quick and easy to joint with socket welding that provides homogeneous leak free joints. Polypropylene random copolymer type 3 raw materials having low melt flow rate, high molecular weight and good flexiblity. Power therm keeping German and Interanational standards and quality. Raw material of PP-R used in Power therm pipes & fittings are procured from the world's proven highest quality raw materials producers.